Bridalpartytees - Doubled their price of a product I previously purchased.

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Do not order from ordered a few shirts for a couple people in my bridal party a few months ago and they did not come out as I had expected.

The sizing wasn't quite right. And they would not let me exchange but simply reorder at a 30% discount. The price was right for what they were offering. The shirts were $9.97.

I went back to the website this week to order the rest of the shirts for my bridal party and they increased the price of the shirts from $9.97 to $17.97! I am pissed! Now I can't order shirts for the rest of my bridal party, that is nuts, they're too expensive now. I emailed them and talked with them through online chat and they didn't even care!

What am I supposed to do with the shirts I already have?I can't give shirts to some and not to everyone.

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BridalPartyTees is a unique site that allows people to customize apparel for their bridal and/or bachelorette party.Each item is made individually to the customer’s specifications and cannot be resold.

For this reason we cannot exchange or refund orders based on size discrepancy or errors made while creating your design. BridalPartyTees offer promotions monthly basis and sometimes weekly.

Please check our blog the bottom of the Home page for the current offerings or open an account with us for exclusive offers.Unfortunately, we are unable to extend offers past their deadline dates.


Sales should NEVER end! That's what I'm gettin from this and that *** me off!


Expain your situtation..if they're part of your wedding, they will love and understand. You try'n to score on another deal and them try'n to make a profit...that's business pure and simple!

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